Major Buddhist Empowerments Arizona December 2011 - January 2012

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Location Arizona

Major Buddhist Empowerments Arizona December 2011 - January 2012

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A major series of tantric Buddhist transmissions will be given near Prescott Arizona this late December 2011 through early January. These include Amitabha, Phowa ( Transference of Consciousness at Time of Death ), Hundred Deities Empowerment and Teachings.

The transmissions will be given by His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche, a major guru of the Drikung Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism at Garchen Buddhist Institute.

Garchen Institute is one of the major practice centers for Buddhist tantra in North America, and in particular for the American Southwest, providing
- important teachings and transmissions on a continuing basis
- very important practice resources through the GBI Shop for practitioners of different tantric lineages, in particular the Kagyu and Nyingma.




"Official Website of the Drikung Kagyu Order of Tibetan Buddhism"

"A Brief History of the Drikung Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism"

Drikung Centers Worldwide

"Welcome to Vajra Publications"

Note that I do not represent this lineage or teacher in any way.

As a direct student of primary lineage holder HH Chetsang Tulku Rinpoche and as grateful recipient of major practice materials from Garchen GBI-Shop, I strongly recommend this lineage, these teachers, and these transmissions and practice materials to all serious tantric Buddhist practitioners and aspirants.

Sarva mangalam!
Siddhi rastu!


December 31 (9am – Noon): Amitabha Empowerment, with H.E. Garchen Rinpoche

Buddha Amitabha, the Buddha of Infinite Light, is practiced when we wish to be reborn in Amitabha's pure land, Dewachen. Because of Amitabha's compassionate aspiration, it is the easiest of all pure lands to attain. Even without much realization, if we have a true wish to be reborn in Dewachen, and we receive the empowerment in the Mantrayana tradition and do the practice, our wish will be fulfilled.

Amitabha is central to the practice of Phowa and is considered to be the protector of beings who call upon him as they experience death and the after-death transitions.

December 31 (2pm – 5pm) & January 1-2 (9am – 5pm): Phowa Teachings and Practice, with H.E. Garchen Rinpoche

Death is inevitable for us all, but how we die—either terrified and confused, or with confidence and spiritual mastery—is within our control. Phowa, the transference of consciousness at the time of death, is the Tibetan Buddhist method for gaining this mastery. It may even enable us to attain enlightenment at the time of death, and it also allows us to help others during their transition.

Don't miss this very precious opportunity to receive these instructions from our beloved Phowa Master Garchen Rinpoche and do the practice with him.

January 3 (9am – Noon): Shitro Empowerment, with H.E. Garchen Rinpoche

The Shitro refers to the 100 peaceful and wrathful deities, and the introduction to these deities includes the entire meaning of the Secret Mantra. In brief, we are introduced to the true nature of our aggregrates, sense sources, and elements. At the moment of our death, the aggregates dissolve into their pure and impure qualities and may be experienced as dream-like imagery or visions in the bardo.

If we receive the Shitro empowerment and do the practice, we will establish a good connection with the deities during our lifetime. When we die, they will appear to us in the bardo like deities and bodhisattvas, resulting in a higher realm incarnation and rebirth in the pure lands. If we do not establish a connection with them before death, it is very possible they will appear like skillful demons in the bardo, making it difficult for us and resulting in a lower realm incarnation. They are not apart from our own mind, and the way we see them will depend on whether or not we have established this connection.

January 3 (2pm – 5pm) & January 4-5 (9am - 5pm): Bardo Teachings, with H.E. Garchen Rinpoche

These rare teachings on the six bardos reveal how to turn every phase of life into an opportunity to experience an uncontrived and natural liberation. In life and in death, in meditation and in sleep, every transitional phase of consciousness, or bardo, provides a chance to overcome limitations, frustrations, and fears and live in a profound state of freedom.

The six bardos include the three bardos of this life: the bardo of living, the bardo of dreaming, and the bardo of meditation, and the three bardos beyond this life: the bardo of dying, the bardo of dharmata, and the bardo of becoming.

Rinpoche's commentary will be based on Guru Rinpoche's (Padmasambhava's) teachings published in Natural Liberation: Padmasambhava's Teachings on the Six Bardos. The latter is based on Guru Rinpoche's primary text "The Profound Dharma of the Natural Liberation through Contemplating the Peaceful and the Wrathful."

For anyone wishing to study Natural Liberation prior to the teachings, it will be available through the Garchen Institute webstore (, and it will also be available in the bookstore during the teachings.

Please join us for these sublime teachings and empowerments, participating in all or part as your schedule permits.

Registering for Events

Preregistration is required for all events at Garchen Institute. To preregister, please fill out the Winter Teachings registration form at and email it to us at or send by postal mail to Garchen Institute, P.O. Box 4318, Chino Valley, AZ86323.

Please include payment information for your nonrefundable deposit of one day’s tuition ($30) and 50% of the cost of meals you wish to purchase ($4 for breakfast, $7 for lunch, and $7 for dinner), which must be received by December 20. Please note that to reserve meals we must receive your meal deposit by the deadline.

For more information or to inquire about work-study opportunities during the Winter Teachings, please email the Institute at, call us at 928-925-1237, or visit our website at

May all be auspicious!


His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche

His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche is a Drikung Kagyu lama who was known in the thirteenth century as the Siddha Gar Chodingpa, a heart disciple of Kyobpa Jigten Sumgon, founder of the Drikung Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. In ancient India, he had incarnated as Mahasiddha Aryadeva, the lotus-born disciple of the great Nagarjuna. In the seventh century, he was known as Lonpo Gar, the minister of the Tibetan Dharma King Songsten Gampo.

Garchen Rinpoche was recognized and enthroned in eastern Tibet by the former Drikung Kyabgon Zhiwe Lodro. When he was seven, he was brought to Lho Miyal Monastery, which he administered from the age of eleven. Studying and practicing under the direction of the Siddha Chime Dorje, Garchen Rinpoche received vast and profound instructions on the preliminary practices (ngondro), the fivefold practice of Mahamudra and the six yogas of Naropa.

Then, at the age of 22, after completing a two and a half year retreat, he was imprisoned for 20 years during the political turmoil of China's Cultural Revolution. While in the labor camp, he received meditation instruction from his root lama, the Nyingma master Khenpo Munsel. Enduring hardship and practicing secretly, Garchen Rinpoche attained realization of the lama's wisdom mind. Since his release from prison in 1979, Garchen Rinpoche has made great effort to rebuild the Drikung Kagyu monasteries, reestablish the Buddhist teachings, and build two boarding schools for local children in eastern Tibet. Rinpoche is the founder and spiritual director of the Garchen Buddhist Institute in Chino Valley, Arizona.

Garchen Rinpoche is known for his vast realization, as well as for his great kindness.


Garchen Buddhist Institute
PO Box 4318 Chino Valley, AZ 86323

About Us
The Garchen Buddhist Institute in Chino Valley has been constructed through the extraordinary generosity of several principal donors.

Now built and available for the benefit of all sentient beings, these wonderful facilities require that the institute pay mortgage, insurance, utility, transportation, and ongoing maintenance costs.

In addition, our communications including telephone, this website, newsletters and notices help sangha members and dharma centers worldwide in organizing and publicizing Garchen Rinpoche's teachings, as well as insuring sangha members can communicate with Garchen Rinpoche wherever he may be.

Garchen Institute Facilities for Conference and Retreat
Nestled in the forested foothills near the mountains surrounding Prescott with spectacular panoramic views of the red cliffs of Sedona, the San Francisco peaks, and Chino Valley, Arizona the Garchen Institute Retreat Center offers a setting of extraordinary natural beauty. Garchen Institute facilities are available for individual or group retreats, workshops, classes, weddings, memorial and award ceremonies.

The Garchen Institute retreat center is surrounded by 75 private acres of natural wilderness bordering on the Prescott National Forest.

All our buildings are wheel-chair accessible. All buildings are heated and evaporatively cooled. The Garchen Institute produces its own electricity from solar-panels with generator back-up, and provides water from its own well.


Long Life Prayer for Garchen Rinpoche

The one known in the Holy Land as Aryadeva,.

Emanated into the Gar clan of Eastern Tibet as Chodingpa

The heart son of Jikten GÖnpo

May the life of glorious Garchen remain steadfast for a hundred aeons!

In this age of strife when the Victor's teaching faces hardship

through his powerful, vajra-like conduct,

He takes on himself the heavy responsibility of the unbiased teaching.

May Garchen, the Sun of the Teachings, live long!


book of tantric Buddhist deity practices - compendium of numerous ritual yogas :
"Pearl Rosary The Path of Purification"

"The content of this text is primarily meant for people who are far away and don’t have the opportunity to engage in Dharma practice in the presence of the teacher. The book itself is a representation of the teacher, and therefore is meant to help one’s Dharma practice. The text describes the methods of visualization and how to incorporate practice into our day to day life experience. .... The visualization of these deities is mainly concerned with the practices of tantrayana and mantrayana, which are the highest forms of practice. The path of visualization is very powerful and if properly engaged in, it is capable of transforming our life within a single moment."
"By engaging in this kind of practice, infinite clarity of mind is achieved, and through such power, we are able to purify our ordinary body and manifest the body of the deity. Likewise, we are able to purify ordinary speech, and manifest wisdom speech. Furthermore, we are able to purify the deluded ordinary mind, and realize the wisdom mind. "

From the foreword by His Holiness Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche

Vajra Publications Inc.
Ancient Teachings For A Modern Age20 West University Ave
Suite 301V
Gainesville, FL 32601
(352) 381-0088


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